Mash Filter

False Bottom / Mash Filter

Contributed by Jonathan Zbikowski.

Mash Filter

Yo check this out.  I was grinding my grains too fine with a Corona mill and cordless drill, plus I had a stuck mash for the original Big Barrel Brew with 40lbs of grain – Sucked!  I’ve been using rice hulls but is not a good situation when I forget to buy them, so I took Ben Evans idea of using a window screen over his false bottom to prevent clogging and merged it with Wade’s hop filter.

Mash Filter Bottom

The two 12 inch 304 Stainless Steel circles were the same size as my false bottom.  The SS staples wouldn’t work since I didn’t have enough extra around the edge and I didn’t want to grind down the false bottom.   I took a screw and put holes in the outer edge of the circles to line up with the false bottom and some SS wire and started sewing.  It took a bit, good project while watching TV (use gloves and a needle nose plier to pull the wire tight).

Mash Filter Threading

The edges are a little sharp so I cut some tubing and wrapped it around the edge to prevent getting poked, I probably didn’t need to sew it since the tubing holds it together well.    I use a plastic elbow threaded through the false bottom with a small piece of tubing on the back side to hold it in place.  This way I can use either my 10gal cooler or Sanke keg depending on how much I’m mashing.  (yes don’t make fun the top gasket has been replaced since the pic).  Cheap simple and easy.

Finished Product!


Parts List

  • Box 60135A61 STAPLES FOR MANUAL AND ELECTRIC STAPLERS, STAINLESS STL, 3/8″ STAPLE WIDTH, 3/8″ LEG LENGTH1 $10.96 I have a ton that I’m not gonna use and are specific to certain Stapler model numbers (sorry no Swinglines)


  • 8860k11 Type 302/304 Stainless Steel Safety Lock Wire .015″ Diameter, 1/4-lb Spool, 414′ Spool $7.41 spool or just go to True Value and get 30ft of SS wire in picture hanging section is what I did since 414ft is a lot!