The members of this club are joined together to share and promote the pleasures of home beermaking. The following By-Laws are adopted to assure an orderly, continuously functioning organization for the benefit of all members.


It is the policy of this club to encourage the exchange of ideas and fellowship among its members. To that end the club sponsors tastings, competitions, and other activities to enhance beer making and appreciation.


Monthly meetings shall be held from September through June of each year with a minimum of nine regular meetings and one year-end social meeting.


SECTION 1 – NAME    The name of this organization shall be the BOSTON WORT PROCESSORS, hereinafter referred to as the BWP.

SECTION 2 – PURPOSE    The BWP is organized on a non-profit basis, to encourage and advance beer making, to provide members an opportunity to enjoy beermaking in a friendly and cooperative atmosphere, and to provide the opportunity for every member to share in the operation of the club.


SECTION 1 – QUALIFICATIONS    Membership in the BWP is open to any person 21 years of age or older, upon application and payment of dues, as hereinafter provided, to the treasurer. All members attending meetings are expected to sign a liability waiver. The club officers have the authority to accept or reject all potential members.

SECTION 2 – MEMBERSHIP TERM    The annual membership term extends from November 1 to October 31 of the following year.

SECTION 3 – MEMBERSHIP CARDS    Membership cards may be issued by the club Treasurer on receipt of each member’s annual dues and shall be valid for the membership term. Membership cards shall be signed by either the Treasurer or the President.

SECTION 4 – MEMBERSHIP REVOCATION    Membership may be revoked by the Club Officers for the following reasons:

  1. For non-payment of dues.
  2. For failure to comply with the By-Laws.
  3. For conduct detrimental to the objectives and purposes of the Club.

The offending member shall receive a warning before membership is revoked.

SECTION 5 – MEMBERSHIP REINSTATEMENT    Any member whose membership has been revoked because of non-payment of dues may be reinstated to full membership for any term by paying the total annual dues. Any member whose membership was revoked for other reasons may be reinstated by a two-thirds majority vote of those present and voting at a regular meeting of the membership.

SECTION 6 – HONORARY MEMBERSHIP    Honorary membership may be conferred upon a deserving individual, recommended by a Club member, approved by a majority vote of the Club officers, and approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present and voting at a regular meeting of the membership. Honorary members have non-voting status.


The annual membership fee shall be established by the Club Officers and presented to the membership at a Club meeting for its approval. The fee is due from members on or before November 1. Dues are pro-rated for new members. Honorary members are excluded from payment of dues.


SECTION 1 – OFFICERS    The elected officers of the Club shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and a Librarian, and two Advisory Board members. All officers have a term of one year.

SECTION 2 – DUTIES    The duties of the Club Officers are as follows:

PRESIDENT – The President calls meeting to order, establishes meeting places, discussion topics, and tasting calendar for the year. The President directs and maintains the focus of the meetings in accordance with the club objectives.

VICE-PRESIDENT – The Vice-president assists the president and may have own duties as selected by president.

TREASURER – The Treasurer shall ensure that all funds due to club are collected, be the custodian of all Club funds, and keep an accurate account of all monies received and disbursed. The Treasurer shall report on the current financial status of the Club at the President’s request.

SECRETARY – The Secretary shall record and maintain a file of all necessary club correspondence. The secretary is responsible for the monthly Club Newsletter. The secretary will also record and hold a current membership list, a copy of the current By-Laws, and a copy of the current Club Policies and Procedures. It is the responsibility of the Secretary to assure that all members or guests attending meetings have filed a liability waiver.

LIBRARIAN – The Librarian shall be responsible for the club library. The librarian shall keep records of all club holdings, as well as all loans to club members. The library will be granted a budget for acquisitions; the amount of this budget will be determined by the club membership.

ADVISORY BOARD – The advisory board assists the president and other club officers in running meetings and other club activities. In addition, the advisory board is responsible for coordinating any special projects which the club wishes the Board to undertake.


SECTION 1 – ELECTION OF OFFICERS    The election of officers will take place annually during the November meeting. The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Librarian (in that order) shall be elected for a period of one year. Nominations will be accepted at the regular meeting up to the time that the voting for that office takes place. Candidates may be nominated for than one office, but no officer may serve in more than one elected position at the same time. Contested positions will be voted by ballot. The winner of a contested election is the person who receives the most number of votes of those members present and voting for that position. Uncontested positions may be confirmed by voice vote of those members attending the meeting. The new officers assume their duties at the conclusion of the November meeting.

SECTION 2 – VACANCY IN ELECTED OFFICE    When a vacancy exists, a new officer or member will be appointed within thirty days by the Club Officers and Advisory Board. Confirmation of an appointment will be by a simple majority vote of the members at the next regular meeting.

SECTION 3 – REMOVAL OF AN ELECTED OFFICER OR ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER    If there is an indication that an elected officer or Advisory Board member has not performed or is unable to perform their expected duties, the remaining Officers and Advisory Board members may request the membership to consider removal of the delinquent member from office. A two-thirds majority vote of the membership in attendance at a regular meeting will be requires to sustain the recommended removal from office.


SECTION 1 – REGULAR MEETINGS    Regular meetings of the membership will be held monthly as selected by the Officers.

SECTION 2 – SPECIAL MEETINGS    Special meetings may be called by the President at any time, with sufficient notice given to the membership. The membership may request a meeting by a majority vote.

SECTION 3 – OFFICER AND ADVISORY BOARD MEETINGS    The Officers and Advisory Board will meet at regular meeting or as otherwise necessary.


SECTION 1 – BY-LAW REVIEW    From time to time, the President may appoint a committee to review existing by-laws. This committee may recommend to the President and membership that revisions and/or amendments are required.

SECTION 2 – BY-LAW CHANGE PROCEDURE    Any member of the Club may propose revisions or amendments to these by-laws by during any club meeting. The requested change shall be reviewed by the Club Officers and be distributed in the next club newsletter. The proposed changes may then be adopted by a two-thirds majority vote of club members present at the next regular meeting. Absentee or proxy votes are allowed, as filed with the Secretary prior to the meeting.

SECTION 3 – EFFECTIVE DATE    These By-Laws become effective as of 5 February 1988.