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Decoction Mashing

Contributed by Mark Keck.

With the Master’s Championship of Amateur Brewing calendar year 2014 championship coming up, I had to re-brew a lager that I competed with in the Fall of 2014 that qualified for entry into the competition. The original beer was a Munich Dunkel that I brewed in August 2014 for which I conducted a double decoction mash. Due to the club’s recent desire to have more educational resources available, I decided to record my brew day via photo and post my process here. I would first like to say that I used Kai’s decoction mashing tutorial and his video on YouTube, and read Greg Noonan’s “New Brewing Lager Beer” as my resources to teach myself this process, and I would definitely suggest looking those up to get more/better information than what you’ll get from this single post.
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Meet John Palmer

The Worts in conjunction with Night Shift Brewing will be hosting the author of How To Brew and Water, John Palmer, for a presentation on brewing water. John will be available to sign books and a social hour will follow.