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September 19th, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Location: Sam Adams JP

  • Big thanks to Sam Adams and to our SA host, Eric.
  • Tonight’s theme is cider. There are cidermakers here, the club cider event is coming up, and Tom will talk about making cider later.
  • The October meeting will be Tuesday 16 Oct, 8pm (note later time!) at the Craft Beer Cellar Beercierge in Belmont. Theme of the meeting will be malt steeping, with many samples to taste
  • The club cider buy/ciderfest in Amesbury coming up! Watch your email. [editor’s note: Oct 21, 12-3pm. Cider sign-up is here:]
  • Holiday party will be here at Sam Adams in December, as per usual -watch this space.
  • Wort advent calendar will be happening again this year – if you’d like to participate, be prepared to have a case of bottled homebrew by mid-November.
  • Cidermakers in the house! Doug, Tom, and Nathan can all talk to you about cidermaking.
  • Competitions:
    •  New England Regional – MCAB, judging on Oct. 20, entries are full, though. Volunteer to judge if you can!
    •   Dixie Cup – MCAB, also full/closed.
    •  Blue Ridge Brew Off – delayed, but seems to be happening [ed note: registration now closed]
    •  Foam Cup – MCAB, still open.
  • The club will pay for shipping when members ship together in our boxes.
  • Competition bad news: Our competition, the Boston Homebrew Competition, is being postponed.
  • Competition good news: We’re going to coordinate and run a Round 1 site for the National Homebrew Competition instead!
  • Relatedly, HomebrewCon and the final round of the National Homebrew Competition are going to be in our neck of the woods next June, in Providence, RI. We should plan to have a big presence there.
  • Other event – AHA rally at Night Shift on October 21, noon to 3pm.
    • Bulk grain buy – Arrives tomorrow. Thanks to J-Sap for coordinating again. He notes that another hop buy will be coming soon as well.
  • New people – two new people introduce themselves and what they like to brew
  • Treasurer’s report: The club has about $10k in the bank. Major spending recently: Shipping boxes, T-shirts, grain for club events. You all are encouraged to think up ways for us to spend money
  • Special report: Jeff Cummings discusses the Homebrewers Jamboree, an annual event in NH. Some abridged notes: It’s a multi-day camping event, popular enough that there’s a waiting list for camping space. Other area clubs have a big presence there, and there are plenty of friends of the club attending. There’s a fun non-BJCP competition on site.
  • Presentation: Tom Bell talks cider.

August 8, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Location: Craft Beer Cellar Beercierge

  • Congratulations to our National Homebrew Competition winners! And congratulations for the club as a whole for being called out at the
    awards ceremony – we were within striking distance of the Homebrew
    Club award.
  • HomebrewCon 2019 is in our backyard – Providence, RI. We should make sure to have a big presence there.-
  •  Competition season is ongoing. The next two MCAB competitions are the Blue Ridge Brew Off ( on Sep. 20, and New England Regional ( The club is going to organize and pay for group shipping to Blue Ridge.
  • Hops from the bulk hop buy are in! Get yours from J-Sap.
  • September meeting location isn’t set yet. Watch this space.
  • Possible plan for an upcoming meeting tasting: We’ll arrange to brew a very large batch that can be split to a bunch of members and ferment in various ways (temps, yeasts, ?)
  • New people introduce themselves – three tonight.
  • Advent Calendar homebrew box will be happening – if you want to participate, plan to have a case of homebrew ready for it by mid-November. Contact Nathan Williams for more information if you can’t wait until November.
  • Boston Fermentation Festival is Sunday August 26th, at the Boston Public Market (100 Hanover St, Boston). A couple of Worts will be there representing homebrewing. More are welcome! Contact Matthew Dirckx if you’re interested.
  • Treasurer’s report, for July 2018.
      Expenditures: $579.85 T-shirts, BHC medals and prize shipping.
      Income: $442.70 (membership dues)
      Net: $137.15
      Treasury total: $10822.66
  • Tonight’s activity: Saison internal mini-competition. We have 13 entries; taste them all and rank your top three. Note that the style is quite broad!
  • (after much tasting happens) Saison winners are (1) Nathan W (2) J-Sap (3) Steve S, by popular vote.