January Monthly Meeting 1/22 8PM @ Beercierge

The Worts January monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday January 22nd with education starting at 7 PM and regular meeting starting at 8 PM at the Belmont Craft Beer Cellar Beercierge space…

This meeting will be all things NEIPA. We will be having an education session with a panel of award winning NEIPA brewers, including NHC Final Round Medalist Josh Clark. In addition, we will be having the judging of the Club Floppy Disk – Hop Draft Competition.

Make sure to attend as this is shaping up to be a great meeting!

Worts Holiday Party 12/13 – Sam Adams JP

Mark your calendars, the annual Worts Holiday party will be held on Friday December 13 from 5 PM to 9 PM. Our friends at Sam Adams will be hosting us again at their brewery in Jamaica Plane.

If you are coming please sign up for the potluck (https://bit.ly/2rF8kgg) and bring some tasty food to share. Additionally remember to wrap up some good beer (commercial or homebrew) and bring it so you can participate in the yankee swap!

November Monthly Meeting 11/19 8 PM @ Beercierge

The November Monthly meeting will be held this Tuesday 11/19 at @beercierge. We will be holding our annual elections as well as talking about the IPA Hop Draft Competition (aka floppy disk competition). If you are looking for an opportunity to get more involved in the club, elections and the competition are a great place to start!

October Monthly Meeting – 10/25 @ 8 PM

The October Club meeting will be on Friday 10/25 at John Tylers place in East Boston right by the Mavericks T Stop , 154 Maverick Street , East Boston.

John runs a bar on the first floor , we will meet in the 4th floor atrium space accessible via stairs at the back of the building.

More detailsĀ  on transit and parking will be sent out before the meeting. Meeting theme = bring your medaling and high scoring beers from NERHC & SNERHC . Meeting to start at 8 PM .

Cider Fest 2019

This years Cider Fest will occur on Sunday October 27th at Cider Hill Farms. This will also serve as the pick-up location for the Bulk Cider Buy. More details on bulk cider buy will be announced at the September Meeting and via the Worts mailing list