2015 BHC Winners

The beers have been judged and the winners announced. See all results here.

Big thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers who made it happen.  We had 15 Worts medal for a total of 27 medals.  Congratulations to the following Worts for placing (listed by # of medals):

Name # of Medals Other
Eric Esner 4
Steve Schember 3 1st BOS
Doug Schmidt 3
Matt Border 2
Brian Burke 2
Brittany Burke 2
Max Heinegg 2 1 Honorable Mention
Dan Preston 2
Josh Clark 1
Ross Druckenmiller 1
William Grote 1 2nd BOS
Alastair Hewitt 1
Ramsay Hoguet 1
Mark Keck 1 1 Honorable Mention
Allan MacDonald 1

BJCP Study Group: Mini-Competition #5

The fifth and final mini-competition of the 2014-2015 season of BJCP study group will be held April 16, 2015. The competition will tentatively cover Category 1 (Light Lager), Category 8 (English Pale Ale), Category 14 (India Pale Ale), and Category 19 (Strong Ale). If you are interested in competing, please contact Mark Keck to arrange dropping off entries. Entry is free (but limited to members of the club or BJCP study group). Entries must be received no later than Tuesday, April 14, 2015.