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BHC Sorting Day

This year sorting day is being hosted  by Lord Hobo Brewery.   We generally pick up the entries for sorting the morning of sorting day and then transport them to the sorting location to do the job. This means we need volunteers for picking up entries from the drop off locations that morning and bringing them to Lord Hobo in Woburn, and volunteers to assist those folks with sorting the entries at the brewery.

Sign up for these activities on the form.  It has each of our drop off locations listed, and the time that the drop off location opens the morning of April 30.

What’s great about sorting day?  The primary advantage, for those of you who have already entered and paid for your entries, is that you can wait until sorting day to bring your beers, which means you get an extra week of dry hopping and conditioning before final packaging! To re-iterate a key phrase in that sentence: “already entered and paid for”.

April Meeting

Our April meeting will have Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing hosting the Worts on Tuesday, Aprill 11 from 7-9 PM.  They are located in Framingham in the original Jack’s Abbey brewery.  The brewery will lead us on a tour to talk shop with samples to follow.

March Meeting

Our March meeting has been re-scheduled for Tuesday 03/21 at 6:00 PM.  We’ll be meeting at Aeronaut Brewing in Somerville.  Aeronaut will be giving us a tour and talking shop.

Holiday Party

Join us for our annual holiday potluck and beer Yankee Swap.  Significant others and kids are welcome to join.  We’d love to get a rough head count, so please sign up HERE.  This year, a private tour is being held at 4:00 PM (an hour before the party starts), but is only open to those who sign up HERE by 12/9.