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Iron Brewer 2014

This year’s competition will be held at 9a on Saturday 10/12 at Josh’s place in West Roxbury (address will be sent to active members).
Iron Brewer is our annual Iron Chef-esque competition. Everyone pairs up into teams (usually 2 brewers per team).  You arrive with your brewing equipment and, once everyone is gathered, we reveal the secret ingredient.  The club provides all ingredients (a few base malts, some specialty malts, hops, water, yeast, and the secret ingredient) and you have an hour to create a recipe that showcases the secret ingredient.  Once you settle on your recipe, it’s time to brew!  Past secret ingredients include dried fruit, Brettanomyces. and wood.  Basically, you get to play around with ingredients and walk away with free beer.  Once everyone’s beer has fermented, we judge the beers at our monthly meeting (probably in November) and determine who’s beer showcases the secret ingredient the best.
Iron Brewer is an all-grain competition, but not to worry if you are not an all grain brewer.  This is a great opportunity to learn!  We’ll make sure you are paired with an experienced all-grain brewer and we’ll have plenty of people around to answer questions.  While I think everyone should compete, Iron Brewer can also be a fun spectator event.  We’ll fire up the grill and have a homebrew or two during the day.