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Stir Plate for Homebrew Yeast Starters


Contributed by Anthony Lopez.

Disclaimer: DO NOT WORK ON LIVE CIRCUITS. Your power supply should not be plugged in until you have completed the construction of this SPECIFIC build CORRECTLY. Electricity can kill you, regardless of the voltage applied.

Your “Cheap and Easy” Stir Plate:


  • I used a 6 volt Cell Phone charger as my power supply. Most of us probably have gone through a few cell phones over the last couple years, and just about any one should work in the 5-12 volt DC range. (They are all DC current)
  • 4 inch computer fan. Mine was 12 volts DC.
  • hard drive magnets. I only used one. You can also buy rare earth magnets online from a number of vendors. Neodymium magnets are cheap retail if you can’t find an old hard drive to scrap.
  • 2 inch diameter steel washer.
  • Some scrap wire will be helpful, however we’ll only need about a foot of black and red wire.

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