August 8, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Location: Craft Beer Cellar Beercierge

  • Congratulations to our National Homebrew Competition winners! And congratulations for the club as a whole for being called out at the
    awards ceremony – we were within striking distance of the Homebrew
    Club award.
  • HomebrewCon 2019 is in our backyard – Providence, RI. We should make sure to have a big presence there.-
  •  Competition season is ongoing. The next two MCAB competitions are the Blue Ridge Brew Off ( on Sep. 20, and New England Regional ( The club is going to organize and pay for group shipping to Blue Ridge.
  • Hops from the bulk hop buy are in! Get yours from J-Sap.
  • September meeting location isn’t set yet. Watch this space.
  • Possible plan for an upcoming meeting tasting: We’ll arrange to brew a very large batch that can be split to a bunch of members and ferment in various ways (temps, yeasts, ?)
  • New people introduce themselves – three tonight.
  • Advent Calendar homebrew box will be happening – if you want to participate, plan to have a case of homebrew ready for it by mid-November. Contact Nathan Williams for more information if you can’t wait until November.
  • Boston Fermentation Festival is Sunday August 26th, at the Boston Public Market (100 Hanover St, Boston). A couple of Worts will be there representing homebrewing. More are welcome! Contact Matthew Dirckx if you’re interested.
  • Treasurer’s report, for July 2018.
      Expenditures: $579.85 T-shirts, BHC medals and prize shipping.
      Income: $442.70 (membership dues)
      Net: $137.15
      Treasury total: $10822.66
  • Tonight’s activity: Saison internal mini-competition. We have 13 entries; taste them all and rank your top three. Note that the style is quite broad!
  • (after much tasting happens) Saison winners are (1) Nathan W (2) J-Sap (3) Steve S, by popular vote.

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