Iron Brewer

Secret ingredient was a breakfast theme – coffee, bacon, oranges, lactose, maple syrup, peanut butter powder.
Beers brewed:
* Saison w/ Orange Zest & Maple Syrup
* Coffee Milk Stout – Winner!

Secret ingredient was wood honeycombs – cherry, yellow birch, hickory, soft maple, hard maple, white ash.
Beers brewed:
* Smoked Amber w Soft Maple – Winner!
* Smoked Amber w Cherry
* Smoked Brown w
* Pale Ale w Hickory

Secret ingredient was Brett – C, B, Trois. Primary and secondary pitching amounts were provided.
Beers brewed:
* IPA – Winner!
* Dark Saison
* Orval-like Blond

Secret ingredient was a variety of honeys. Extract Based
Beers brewed:
* Wee Heavy
* Belgian Tripel (with & without Brett) – Winner!
* Belgian Quad (with & without sour mix)

Secret ingredient was dried fruits – cherries, apricots, prunes, raisins, cranberries.
Beers brewed:
* Belgian Quad w/ Cherries – Winner!
* Belgian Quad w/ Prunes & Raisins
* Amber w/ Raisins, Cranberries, & Apricots
* Pale Ale w/ Apricots

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