Pale Ale Hop Experiment

To help learn the characteristics of hops (both new & old), brewers all made the same pale ale but each chose a different hop to showcase in it.
Pale Ale Recipe (5G)
1.054 OG, 40IBUs
9# 2row
1# C40
Xoz hops @60 (whatever necessary to reach 40IBUs total)
1oz hops @15
1oz hops @5
1oz hops @0
2oz hops @DH
ferment w. S05 @60-65F
mash @154

Glacier – mild, sweet citrus
Belma – mild, hints of melon/strawberry
Nugget –
Zythos –
Amarillo –
Southern Cross –
Nelson Sauvin –
German Hallertau Рfloral, citrus, surprisingly good
Simcoe –
Pacific Jade –
Comet –
Chinook –
Exp 5256 –
El Dorado – lemony, candy-like
Mosaic – fruity, berry, majority favorite tho some noted garlic

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